ESRDB Program

The Engineering Science Research and Development Board are interdisciplinary, multi-institutional centers that join academia, industry, and government in partnership to produce transformational engineered systems along with engineering graduates who are adept at innovation and primed for leadership in the global economy.
At the ESRDBs, academia and industry collaborate in the pursuit of advances in complex engineered systems and systems-level technologies that could spawn whole new industries or radically transform the product lines, practices, and processes of current industries.
ESRDBs operate at the interface between the discovery-driven culture of science and the innovation-driven culture of engineering. They provide a venue where industry can work with faculty and students on resolving long-range challenges, producing the knowledge needed for steady advances in technology and their speedy transition to the marketplace.
ESRDBs providing forum to faculty, students and industry partners integrate discovery and learning in an interdisciplinary environment that reflects the complexities and realities of real-world technology. ESRDBs expose prospective students (both graduate and undergraduate) to industrial views in order to build competence in engineering practice and to produce engineering graduates with the depth and breadth of education needed for success in technological innovation and for effective leadership of interdisciplinary teams throughout their careers.


To increase the diversity of the scientific and engineering workforce by including all members of society, regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender, in all aspects of the centers’ activities. Because ESRDBs play critical roles in academe by integrating research, education, diversity, outreach, and industrial collaboration.


Invests in creation of 21st century engineers and discovery of technologies through transformational center-based research, research in education and inclusion, and research opportunities for students and teachers.

Ethics Statement

Members of the ESRDB are expected to uphold the highest ethical standards in all aspects of scholarship, research, and professional practice.

Tracks & Topics


Electrical Engineering


Civil Engineering




Business Management


Engineering Management


Industrial Engineering




Mechanical Engineering

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Scholars Feedback

Ratna Wulandari Noor Azizi, Diponegoro University Indonesia

The hotel is east to find. The room and the food is good enough. We hope it will be more developed in the future especially the publication of this conference so, it will be more people to know this conference. GOOD LUCK!

Ritthiwut Puwaphat, Princess of Naradhiwas University, Thailand

Good conference with a wide diversity of attendees and presenters representing a wide cross section of industries. I will join again next time.

Masthoah, Diponegoro University Indonesia

Loved the conference. Great opportunity to hear new ideas.

Annie Chen, National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences Taiwan

Conference was excellent – well paced.

Retno Mawarini Sukmariningsih, University of 17 August 1945 (UNTAG) Semarang, Indonesia

I enjoyed the conference very much. Speakers were excellent, very professional & helpful. I gained a lot of information on how to forecast better and more efficiently during conference.

Nurisa Islami, University of Riau Indonesia

I have found it an interesting conference because of the diverse viewpoints. Some of the speakers are from fields and industries outside of health care and they bring a very unique perspective.

Eko Siswoyo, Diponegoro University Indonesia

Thanks for all the help you and your team gave on site – it was fantastic!